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So, recently, I found that winget has an online library called Winstall. This does help people use the tool better. One of my online acquaintances had to factory reset her laptop. Feeling inspired by her plight, I made a few batch scripts to help bootstrap the install process.

For those not in the know, winget is Microsoft's own package manager-like program for command line installing programs from the MS Store or a database managed by Microsoft containing community submitted manifests. It's a core part of Windows 11 and was available in testing with Windows 10's Beta AppX Installer.

  • Quick Spinup: Writers Edition- Contains TeXstudio, MiKTeX, Pandoc, and PanWriter – batch file

  • Quick Spinup: Gamer's Edition – Comes packed with all the installers, Nyrna, Borderless Gaming, and a few open source games – batch file

  • Quick Spinup: Jaida's Ninite – Comes with my favorite programs and languages I feel are important for me to set up. You'll need to use winget's import command to run the install. – JSON. This was the first file I created, so it doesn't have a fancy “edition” name.

All you need to do is to save the file of your choice and then read and run it. I hope that this helps you and brings you joy, as much as I've had fun compiling such.

#programming #winget #windows11 #newinstall

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Once again, I'm updating the site from Hugo Static to WriteFreely. Not only does this allow me to federate my blog across the fediverse, but the import functionality was rather nice. If you have jumped ship with everything that's going on, you can actually get my posts on your Pleroma or Mastodon timeline by following @jcorvera@jdcain.me.

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Sorry that I kept you all waiting. It's been a hectic year. A few highlights of the year:

  • July: I received notification back from the WA DOH Vital Records office regarding an ammendment to my birth certificate. I'm now legally nonbinary!
  • August: I got a new brother-in-law. The wedding was rather fun and I'm glad I was asked to be an usher.
  • October: My boyfriend and I hit our anniversary again and it was a wonderful night.

Which leads me up to this past week. I've received some sad news with my family. Few days after hearing it, I'm still... struggling to process it all. I won't exactly explain what's going on. Family's wishes right now, plus it's not really wise to go about blabbing this sort of information to complete strangers.

Anime 2022 Watchlist

I got distracted this year with life and three series – “Spy X Family”, “Ya Boy! Kongming”, and “RWBY: Ice Queendom”. I did get Gundam G done... so I didn't exactly push everything under the rug. I know I won't be able to rush new series in the two months I've left. I'll roll over whatever I have left on the 7th.

Site Update

Due to a few interests dropping and current hardware restrictions, I've removed some links in the top bar. When will they be back? Dunno.


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I've got a lot of anime I'm in the middle of and I never really get back to it all. I've decided to make an Anime New Years Resolution list. The list is as follows.

  • Mobile Fighter G Gundam
  • Gundam Build Fighters
  • Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Strikers
  • Mahoutsukai! PreCure
  • Sakura Taisen
  • Macross Delta
  • Cardfight! Vanguard -overDress-
  • Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle

My goal is to have these series finished by the 7th of January 2023, one week after the New Year 2023.


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Nothing much has happened so far. Being spring, the NWS has started siren testing, which will occur every first saturday until Octoberish. Annoying. I've moved back over to Linux, currently running Artix on my desktop. So far, it's not terrible. Runit does make sense to me. Recently, distrotube released a video on how his main production will be directly on Gemini, stating that 90% of the web is dominated by corporations. He has forgotten that 90% of the internet is deepweb. Only 10% is clearweb and on that 10% most advertise. Granted, many pages in the deepweb may belong to a corporation (such as your profile's edit page, my own service listings in Vultr or at work, and others like it), but those aren't advertised on, unless the company running the site is stupid and begins with Game- or is related to CBS in someway. As much as I like the concept behind Gemini (trust me, I've a few capsules myself), the web is here to stay and it will be dominant. Unfortunately, the dream of building a network of linked documents is dead, as the web is now the entertainment vehicle it has become. I am probably digressing and confusing some things. Who cares anymore.


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I'm wanting to share my own writing workflow with you all, just something I think that many of you might find interesting.

I'm a fan of Open Source Software. As such, a good portion of my programs are such – even the applications I enjoy on Windows.

The programs I primarily use for writing is Neovim, which is a super version of the vi text editor. It does work well on Windows, especially in Windows Terminal. I do have a few plugins – primarily a few distraction free plugins and org.vim, which I will be touching on below.


Like many starting points, it's always good to be organized. As such, I use org-mode, an organization format made with use for the Emacs editor, but can be used with almost any editor. In fact, Visual Studio Code has it's own org-mode plugin. As for me, I use org.vim, which provides the organizational layout of org-mode to write down the outline of my stories or even journal posts, like this one.


Once I have everything organized, I then go to use Markdown to get basic markup taken care of. Markdown itself is a “What You See Is What You Mean” layout for HTML, but can be easily parsed into any other sort of document format, especially with a converter like Pandoc. Passing the markdown into pandoc with a proper output file gives me a file I can then further refactor.


I take the output from Pandoc, which is a .tex file, and put into TeXworks. A .tex file is a special text preprocessor file with macros to properly typeset text. The TeX format was written by mathematician Donald Knuth back in the 70s and is still maintained today by both him and people who have made their own versions, like XeLaTeX, which is the version I use, due to the fancy fontspec package, which allows me to define my own fonts for use using TrueType formats. (I love using Garamond as my serifed font. Thank Apple for that.)

In any case, I take this .tex file and put it into TeXworks, which allows me to preview the document and make changes to make it look right.


Once I'm happy with the way it looks, I take the compiled preview and make it my final version. If I'm wanting an epub version of the document, I run one off with Pandoc, as it has native epub compilation.


It is a lot of work, I'll give you that, but in this case, the end really does justify the means. I'm left with a beautiful PDF document and a file I can use on an e-reader of my choice.


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So, I've got a Raspberry Pi 4. I've done various things with it – mainly just emulation and amateur radio related things. Unfortunately, they never do stick around as my thoughts for plans frequently change and shift. However, after being inspired by a Youtube video of some guy loading OpenMediaVault on a Rock64, I decided to do the same thing with my Pi 4. It is almost as powerful, after all – 1.5 GHz ARM64 processor and 4 GB of memory isn't too terrible to run a NAS on, right?

About so. Now, the Pi isn't too terribly powerful to begin with. Transfer speeds on the wifi are about 30 MB/s and on wire, it's about 10 MB/s. However, it does get the job done.

#rpi #nas #importedfromold

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It's not a blizzard, but it certainly is winter. The temps were below zero last night and there's no sign of near freezing point near by. As such, I'm not the kind that wants to go anywhere like it is right now. So, I'm stuck at home until it all fades away.

Someone... please help. I'm going to go mad and I'm not wanting that.


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So, I tried submitting my sites to gus.guru, but it's just not... good. The index was last crawled on December. I have recently submitted jdcain.me to geminispace.info's instance of GUS. However, I wanted to channel the classic feeling of the DMOZ... or as it's now known today... Curlie.

That's why dgem exists – the Directory of GEMini Capsules. It's manually curated, like Curlie. If you want your site added, please email me+dgen@jdcain.me or send me a dm @t3hyoshi@pleroma.soykaf.com.

#gemini #importedfromold

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I've set up a server on the same host of the webserver using twins. You can now access the site at gemini://jdcain.me. I might add one for the games site.


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