I should stop distro hopping. FreeBSD became OpenBSD. Another quick setup and it comes with X already installed, through Xenocera. Not a bad take. However, not every application is available. I just wanted a simple terminal with some easy configuration to do… well, a binary st exists, but sakura comes with it’s colorschemes baked in. No dracula. You know what. I’m going to keep it here at OpenBSD. I want to experience the upgrade process. I just need to get my init.vim from my Manjaro box to my desktop. I’ll just use Firefox Send. It’d make it easy.

I should read up on system hardening and see just how much more secure I can make this system. OpenBSD prides itself on being a pretty super secure system out of the default install. Also, if anyone knows how any application like ncpamixer for mixerctl, please let me know. I’m hanging out on matrix at @t3hyoshi:matrix.agopherhole.tk.