So, I’ve decided to set up my own note taking solution using Syncthing and Joplin. It was simple to get going, albeit a bit complicated.

The items you need:
- Joplin
- Syncthing

Step 1: Create a folder in your filesystem for your notes. In my main system, it’s on D:\notes.

Step 2: Start Joplin. Under Options > Synchronization, set the Synchronization target to “Filesystem”. The path should be pointed to your notes folder. Joplin Step 3: Start Syncthing and create a shared folder:
- Name: Whatever you want.
- Path: Your Notes Folder.
- Folder ID: Choose something unique.
Folder Step 4: Set up a device in Syncthing. Share the notes folder under Sharing. Devices Step 5: Accept both connect request and share request on the other device.