I try and stay apolitical with my internet usage. However, 2020’s been a rather shit year and I’m sick of both Sleepy Joe and Daffy Don trying to pull the strings.

I’m trying to not pull from conspiracy theory. Sources are linked or cited when touching conspiracy-like facts.

  1. The United States is designed as a Federal Republic - we elect people who represent us. This includes the Presidential Election - the Electoral College is designed so that we vote for the electors who best represent the area those who elected them.

  2. The Electoral College is done wrong in most states. A Winner-take-All system for the College is not representative of the constituents of a state. Rather, the votes should be divided among congressional districts.

  3. The First Past The Post (FPTP) system has failed us at the Popular Vote side on numerous occasions. Ranked Voting is preferred and is being tested in Maine.

  4. A vote for a third party is not a wasted vote in any system. If anything, it’s a vote against the duopoly.

  5. The debates aren’t serving their actual purpose. If anything, it’s an ad for both the Democratic National Party and the Republican National Party. The Commission on Presidential Debates, the people who run the debates, is a bipartisan organization designed to gatekeep the debates (Overruling Democracy: The Supreme Court vs The American People by Raskin, Page 126).