Recently, Hololive Vtuber Kiryu Coco - AKA: The Dragon of Hololive, the Memelord, the Shitposting Dragon - has been posting strange greenscreened videos with fellow colleague Amane Kanata. These videos usually have Coco doing a bit of a dance or just being goofy. As most assume these videos were for the creation of memes, I decided to take it into my own hands.

Taking my favorite Phantasy Star Online 2 opening, I went ahead and cut together a simple video, deciding it was time to learn how to chroma key. Not only did I feel like I got the hang of it on the easy settings, I also decided to use the transform composition plugin to fade her in and scale her down into a corner. I feel like I actually learned something today and I’m very proud of it. As such, the video is linked below.