The description is a bit clickbaity, innit? Well, apparently, if you go too long without updating Ubuntu, you won’t be able to update Ubuntu. The server I had hosting my znc and gopher servers - - were running on Ubuntu 19.10. Well, it’s 2021 now, and all the links to the repos in the APT configuration just weren’t hitting any more. After trying a do-release-upgrade, I was prompted to upgrade any and all packages that needed an upgrade. But APT just couldn’t pull those down. I had no access to the server, so I couldn’t copy out important configuration, reinstall on the LTS, and try again. So, I copied out all the important configuration, dropped the server, and spun up a new one, with FreeBSD. However, after trying to get Gopher set up on that, it proved that it couldn’t be helped.

Now I watch distrotube, and he had a good video on the Gemini Protocol. It looks to be a modern version of Gopher, running off port 1965 rather than port 70. And the text/gemini syntax is more like Markdown than anything. So, taking a leap of faith, I moved from Gopher to Gemini. You can access the site from a Gemini browser at gemini://