Nothing much has happened so far. Being spring, the NWS has started siren testing, which will occur every first saturday until Octoberish. Annoying. I’ve moved back over to Linux, currently running Artix on my desktop. So far, it’s not terrible. Runit does make sense to me. Recently, distrotube released a video on how his main production will be directly on Gemini, stating that 90% of the web is dominated by corporations. He has forgotten that 90% of the internet is deepweb. Only 10% is clearweb and on that 10% most advertise. Granted, many pages in the deepweb may belong to a corporation (such as your profile’s edit page, my own service listings in Vultr or at work, and others like it), but those aren’t advertised on, unless the company running the site is stupid and begins with Game- or is related to CBS in someway. As much as I like the concept behind Gemini (trust me, I’ve a few capsules myself), the web is here to stay and it will be dominant. Unfortunately, the dream of building a network of linked documents is dead, as the web is now the entertainment vehicle it has become. I am probably digressing and confusing some things. Who cares anymore.